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Organización: Honeywell

Corporativo: Honeywell International

Giro: Maquiladora (Export.)

Actividad Principal: Elaboración de equipos de protección personal.


Fecha Ciudad Puesto
28 Jul Tijuana Practicante Ingeniería producción
28 Jul Tijuana Practicante Seguridad e Higiene
28 Jul Tijuana Practicante Mercadotecnia
28 Jul Tijuana Ingeniero de Prueba y Automatización
28 Jul Tijuana Practicante Import / Export
28 Jul Tijuana Materials Analyst
08 Jul Tijuana Planner Buyer
30 Jun Tijuana Técnico de Automatización
Resultados (1 - 10) de un total de 8

Contacto: Recursos Humanos

Correo Electrónico: www.careersathoneywell.com

Teléfono: (664) 901-3213

Dirección: Blvd. Insurgentes No. 18002

Colonia / Fracc.: Parque Industrial El Florido

Ciudad: Tijuana, Baja California

Sitio Web: http://www.honeywell.com

Sitio Web: http://www.careersathoneywell.com


The new Honeywell. One of the worlds premier companies. Global, progressive, and enriched by a long heritage of innovation and achievement.What makes our future so exciting?Our range of products and services, and our diversified portfolio of businesses. The opportunities we continue to discover and develop worldwide. Our employees potential to explore new ways to do things, learn new skills, and make a real impact on modern life.And perhaps most of all, our carefully built, unprecedented balance of strengths. Technological innovation, leadership, outstanding people and track record of delivering on our commitments. They are in place -we are ready to go.

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