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Organización: Valutech Outsourcing, S.A. de C.V.

Corporativo: Valutech

Giro: Maquiladora (Export.)

Actividad Principal: Valutech is a leading high-volume cell phone repair provider for many carriers, insurance providers and cell phone resellers.


Fecha Ciudad Puesto
16 Jul Mexicali Practicantes
16 Jul Mexicali Gerente de Ingeniería
16 Jul Mexicali Cost Specialist
16 Jul Mexicali Gerente de Seguridad y Protección
16 Jul Mexicali Gerente de Almacen
16 Jul Mexicali Supervisor de Producción
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Contacto: C.P. Alicia Molina

Correo Electrónico: amolina@valuout.com

Teléfono: (686) 159-3100

Dirección: Boulevard Manuel Gomez Morín No. 569

Colonia / Fracc.: Parque Industrial Las Californias

Ciudad: Mexicali, Baja California

Sitio Web: http://www.valuout.com


Valutech Outsourcing provides high-quality, cost-effective repair solutions from our Mexico-based repair facility adjacent to the U.S. border.

If you are a Manufacturer, Carrier, Distributor or Insurance Provider looking for a high quality solution to significantly reduce your In-Warranty and Out-of-Warranty repair costs, Valutech is your answer. We provide complete management of the returns process, including reverse-logistics, ESN/IMEI tracking and reporting, warranty entitlement, IW/OOW repair, kitting and fulfillment.

Misión: To be the leading low- cots repair, reverse- logistics and service parts Fulfillment provider to the information technology, Consumer Electronics and Telecomunications Industries.

Visión: To provide superior post-manucfacturersof high-Technology products.

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