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Engineering Services Manager / Maintenance (Tecate B.C.)

Descripción y detalle de las actividades

Essential Duties:
• Responsible for the maintenance, repair, construction, remodel, and related outside services required to keep the LS equipment and facilities operating at optimum levels enabling the company to meet production and shipping schedules.
• Responsible for providing direction, training and supervision to the Maintenance and Engineering & Services Departments Personnel.
• Responsible for executing remodeling constructions, new construction projects in regard civil work, mechanical installation, electrical installations, etc for Tecate Facilities.
• Responsible for the solicitation, evaluation, and negotiation to obtain outside services as required maintaining or improving LS facilities and equipment.
• Assist with the evaluation and acquisition of new equipment, facilities, and services to enhance and modernize the SLI production capability.
• Works with Managers and Supervisors, giving support so they can keep equipment and areas needed clean and in working conditions.
• Work scheduling to maintain the technicians’ productivity by assigning the work orders efficiently.
• Assign technicians and coordinate with production for scheduled preventive maintenance.
• File preventive maintenance, training, SOP’s, EOP’s and personnel related documents according to procedures.
• Responsible for scheduling corrective maintenance to quickly resolve the machinery and equipment problems, focus is to minimize the down time.
• Responsible for implementing and meeting all the ISO requirements.
• Responsible for the installation, testing and running of all the new equipment.
• Responsible for the IQ, OQ and PQ of all the new equipment.
• Responsible for the coordination and supervision of the creation of EOP’s and defining the preventive maintenance of all the equipment and keep facilities in good conditions.
• Enforce safety rules and safety equipment according to company policy.
• Interact, follow up, and finish projects with vendors and service contractors.
• Installations, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic installations.

Experiencia y requisitos

Job Specifications:
• Electric, Electro-Mechanic, Mecatronic, Mechanic, Electronic Engineer, Electro-Mechanic Industrial Engineer.
• NO Civil, System Industrial, Architect, IT & Systems/Software Engineers
• 3-year experience as Engineering/Maintenance Manager
• General Manufacturing equipment,
• HVAC and Refrigeration equipment,
• Peripheral equipment such as, air compressors, power generators, substation maintenance, chillers, air handlers, steam generators, water heaters, water pumping systems, vacuum pumps, etc.
• Electrical design, calculation of electrical panels and electrical feeders, maintenance and installation for all power needs
• Strong skills for documenting based on ISO requirements, IQ, OQ and PQ,

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Horario 7:00 a.m. a 5:36 p.m.
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Departamento de R.H. (Área Reclutamiento)
Correo electrónico
(665) 655-5134
Los Viñedos No. 4000
Colonia ó fracc.
Parque Industrial El Bajío
Tecate, Baja California
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