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Supervisor de Recursos Humanos

Descripción y detalle de las actividades

We are looking for Human Resources Supervisor in Tijuana:

• Develops Labor Management Processes and Procedures (Internal Work Regulations, Individual and/or Collective Contracts). Has the Legal Representation of the Company Before the Corresponding Authorities. Authorizes and can Perform Personnel Dismissals.
• When the Company has a Collective Work Contract (Union), can be responsible for interpreting and recommending Labor Policies related to Collective Negotiations.
• Can be Responsible for the Company’s Safety and Security Systems.
• Develops and Analyzes the Performance of the Human Resources Function by means of several indicators such as: Turnover, Absenteeism, Employee Seniority and Educational Levels, Organizational Climate Surveys, etc. to Measure, Monitor, and Detect Significant Trends.
• Acts as a Strategic Partner in the Implementation of the Organizational Culture designing Policies for Organizational Communication (Newsletters, Bulletin Boards, Communication Meetings, Kiosks, E-mails, etc.) to Inform and to Motivate the Company’s Personnel.
• Can be Responsible before Mexican Immigration for the documentation of Non-Mexican Employees in the Plant.
• Can Participate in the Payroll Process verifying updates (Hiring’s, Dismissals, and Modifications, Vacations, Time off from work, Workers on Sick Leave, etc.) for Data Entry and/or Payroll Formulation.
• Manages and follows up the Recruiting, Selection and Hiring Processes according to the Organization’s Needs.
• Manages Services provided to Employees such as: Work Certificates, Employee Transportation, Cafeteria or Eating Area Services, Medical Services, Life Insurance, Medical Insurance, FONACOT (National Fund for Worker’s Purchases on Credit), INFONAVIT (National

Experiencia y requisitos


• Professional Degree in Business Administration, Personal Management or Industrial Psychology, etc. -Certificate Program
• More than 5 Years in Human Resources.
• LEVEL OF ENGLISH FLUENCY: Advanced (Reading and Writing that allow fluid Presentations and/or Participation in Negotiation Processes.
TRESS savvy

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Área Recursos Humanos
Estudios Carrera Profesional
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Inglés 80% 80%

Reclutamiento Indirecto
(664) 969-4600 Ext. 4666
Vía Rápida Poniente No. 16955-58
Colonia ó fracc.
Río Tijuana, 3ra. Sección
Tijuana, Baja California
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