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Human Resources Manager

Descripción y detalle de las actividades

Strategic HR Business Partner in the implementation of the Organizational Culture, designing Policies for Organizational Communication (Newsletters, Bulletin Boards, Communication Meetings, E-mails, etc.) to Inform and to Motivate the site’s personnel. May oversee several business units. Position reports to HR Director.

-Analyzes and Prepares the required Job Descriptions.
-Participates in Wage and Salary Surveys and gathers information on the Cost of Living in the Community to provide input for the Organization’s Compensation Policies.
-Develops Policies and Procedures for Planning, Managing and Appraising Employee Performance.
-Participates in the Design of Individual and/or Work Team Incentive Systems.
Develops and Analyzes the Performance of the Human Resources Function by means of several indicators such as: Turnover, Absenteeism, Employee Seniority and Educational Levels, Organizational Climate Surveys, etc. to Measure, Monitor, and Detect Significant Trends.
Can Participate in the Payroll Process verifying updates (Hiring’s, Dismissals, and Modifications, Vacations, Time off from work, Workers on Sick Leave, etc.) for Data Entry and/or Payroll Formulation.
Responsible for the Company’s Safety and Security Systems.
Manages and follows up the Recruiting, Selection and Hiring Processes according to the Organization’s Needs.
Manages Services provided to Employees such as: Work Certificates, Employee Transportation, Cafeteria or Eating Area Services, Medical Services, Life Insurance, Medical Insurance, FONACOT, INFONAVIT, IMSS Accident Forms, Low Cost Benefits, Etc.
Designs Motivational Programs, Social, Cultural, Recreational and Sporting Events as well as Activities to Support the Community. Promotes and maintains interdepartmental harmony.
Responsible for the Training and Development Process from Detecting Training and Development Needs, Designing, Implementing and Evaluating Programs.

Experiencia y requisitos

*3-5 years of experience as HR leader in operations with 600 associates or more.
* Excellent communication skills in English and Spanish.
*People & Process oriented.
*Experienced negociator and facilitator.
* Project management experience.
* Highly organized.
*Professional Degree in Business Administration, Industrial Relations or Industrial Psychology, etc.

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