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True Blue Manufacturing, S. de R.L. de C.V.
Actividad principal
Fabricación y distribución de muestrarios decorativos.

Factory Project Manager

Descripción y detalle de las actividades

-Responsible for the day to day management of assigned projects, including but no limited to the following tasks:
*Coordinate weekly meetings with the states and factory teams providing project status and updates.
*Creation and distribution of the following project documents to the Sales and Factory teams: Project Timeline, Material Management sheet, Artwork Tracking sheet, GoNoGo Approval Sheet, Production Report, Shipping Summary Sheet.
*Management of project timelines, insuring timelines are up to date and that the Sales and Factory teams are completing tasks on schedule.
*Updating Master Project List, summarizing key milestones.
*Initiate "Kick-off" on assigned projects to the Factory teams.
*Identify and communicate to the Factory team any risks to the timeline or product quality.
*Timely communication of risks and resolution to the Supervisor and Sales team.
-Interfacing with the Sales team on the following tasks: Project transition, scheduling weekly meetings with Sales, receiving project updates; and Manage deliverables and feedback from the Sales team.
-Interfacing with the Engineering/Pre-production departments on the following tasks: Prototype request and status updates: Engineering reports ans GoNoGo updates; Construction Die Lines; Quality control plan and Test reports.
-Interfacing with the Artwork/Print departments on thew following tasks: Management of artwork receipt and approval process; Digital proof and color approval process; updating of timeline with press schedule dates.
-Interfacing with Production department on the following tasks: Communicating project timeline and delivery expectations to Production Planners, Insuring Quality Control Plan is being adhered to throughout production.
-Interfacing with Warehouse , Material Control and Logistics departments on the following tasks: Communicate incoming shipments and distribute shipping documentation; Create and maintain Material Management sheet; Receive Quick and Full check reports; Communicate distribution plan and receive shipping documents; Provide material disposition instructions.

Experiencia y requisitos

-Bachelors Degree
-English 100%
-Microsoft Office 80%
-5 years of experience in similar position in personal management.
- Visa Laser
- Traveling availability
-Strong working knowledge of project management methodologies and ability to manage multiple projects at the same time.
-Ability to build and foster effective working relationships with senior management, customer service, facility management, staff and external resources.
-Solid organizational skills including attention to detail.
-Ability to multitask several work deliveries; set priorities and meet deadlines with minimal supervision,
-Strong analytical, design and development skills.
-Excellent oral, written and interpersonal communication skills.
-Ability to create an open and supportive environment of free information and ideas sharing.
-Savvy with the use of technology and software, continuous self updating skills.
* Minimum experience in similar position 5 years
*Experience in personnel management 3 years

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Información Adicional
Vacantes 1
Contrato Permanente
Área Administración Operativa
Estudios Carrera Profesional
Turno Diurno
Sexo Masculino
Edad 30 - 40 años
Horario Lunes a Jueves 8 am 6pm Viernes 8am 3pm
Jornada Tiempo Completo
Sueldo Competitivo, y de acuerdo a experiencia

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(664) 607-4208
Avenida Producción No. 13
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Parque Industrial Internacional
Tijuana, Baja California
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