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Mam de la Frontera, S.A. de C.V.
Tacna Services, Inc.
Maquiladora (Export.)
Actividad principal
Maquila, shelter

Ecommerce Listing Support

Descripción y detalle de las actividades

We are seeking reliable team members who can assist with various tasks related to selling products online including on large and popular e-retailers and others. (online sales)

1. Work with our in-house team to research issues then suggest and ultimately implement solutions.
2. Prepare reports and run ad-hoc queries and analyses on various sets of data.
3. Simultaneously manage multiple projects.
4. Evaluate current processes and suggest improvements for more efficiency and productivity.

Experiencia y requisitos

1. Be able to communicate in written English with an understanding of basic grammar rules.
2. Have strong computer skills with the ability to reliably perform product research on the internet.
3. Have access to their own computer with an internet connection.
4. Be very detail oriented.
5. Be highly creative and imaginative with the ability to follow directions.
6. Be able to work under pressure and stay organized.
7. Proficiency with Microsoft Office and Google Sheets.
8. Be available during US business hours for training and consultation
1. Experience in a customer service or similar support role.
2. General understanding of ecommerce and details related to selling products online.
3. Experience selling products online through Amazon, independent websites, or similar.


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Información Adicional
Vacantes 1
Contrato Permanente
Área Administración
Estudios Carrera Trunca
Turno Diurno
Sexo Indistinto
Edad 20 - 45 años
Horario L a V
Jornada Tiempo Completo
Idioma Hablado Escrito
Inglés 90% 90%

Depto. Reclutamiento
Correo electrónico
(664) 681-1400
Águila Coronada No. 19491
Colonia ó fracc.
Baja Maq El Águila
Tijuana, Baja California
Sitio web corp.