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​Nidec Automotive Motor
Nidec Corporation
Actividad principal
Solutions for electrical and mechatronic actuation.

Supervisor de moldeo

Descripción y detalle de las actividades

• Responsible to manage assigned production area to achieve the goals of safety, quality, productivity, cost, delivery and personnel.
• Assure the support of the service departments to the production line, making sure that they perform the function and tasks required to assure the resources and conditions to fulfil the production requirements.
• Promote the collaboration and joined effort of all the team member towards the continuous improvement.
• Responsible for the achievement of goals of the key process indicators (kpi).
• Safety and environmental (accidents –trr, incidents tir, ltcr, dart and 3q6s, chemical handling and waste disposal).
• Quality (internal ppm, customer ppm and scrap).
• Delivery (adherence to the production plan, productivity –minutes per piece- and down time of the line).
• Personnel management (discipline, absenteeism and training).
• Overall responsibility to visually show proper pdca when the metrics goals are not met.
• Assure that all employees follows the use of safety equipment and rules and apply the corrective actions derived of any deviation.
• Report verbally and immediately report any accident or incident to the medical department and maintenance whenever it applies. Formally communicate any safety event to the production coordinator and business unit manager (bum), participate in the accident investigation, and prepare safety reports.
• Stop the operation, report and/or escalate to the production coordinator/bum and/or service departments about any unsafety condition in the work area. Assure that all containment and corrective actions are implemented by the service department. Participation in the line restart after a safety event is mandatory.
• Assure that all team members behave as required during safety drills.
• Supervise and maintain intervention limits in machinery and equipment (do not surpass limits allowed).
• Responsible to properly track daily/weekly/monthly all metrics associated with this specific responsibility.
• Supervise that all the quality reports are done correctly and on time as required by the quality s

Experiencia y requisitos

• TS 16949, VDA 6.3, 3Q6S knowledge, auto quality matrix, productivity, QRQC, product functionality, line process, PFMEA, cycle time, product quality, PDCA methodology, POKA yoke, one piece flow, equipment maintenance, lean manufacturing techniques, training methodologies, labor law, tress, MS office, others.
• General competences leadership, communication, conflict resolution, team work.
• English, TOIC test results: speaking level 6 (130-150) and writing level 7 (140-160).
• Bachelor degree in any field or high school and specialized training in the area.
• Two years of experience in any area of manufacturing industry.
• Candidate with no bachelor degree requires 5 years of experience as supervisor in manufacturing.
• Supervision certification (as a plus).
• Leadership certification (as a plus).

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