Tecate, Baja California

Junio 12 2024


Maquiladora (Export.)

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Manufactura de productos Médicos

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Los Viñedos 4000 Parque Industrial El Bajío Tecate, Baja California

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Ø Develops and supervises the Financial and Control Systems that will help achieve the Company’s Objectives. ØKeep Management informed immediately, in real time, of all Manufacturing, Inventory, Planning, Personnel and Equipment problems, issues, concerns. Communication is required and expected to be prompt and timely. No exceptions. Ø Manages the Financial aspects and establishes Objectives and Policies for the Organization. Ø Prepares reports of the Financial Position of the Company as pertaining to the areas of Income, Costs, Expenditures and Profits based on Budgets and Financial Projections. Ø Coordinates and authorizes the preparation of reports for Government Agencies (Local, State and Federal). Ø Responsible for the Mexican Accounting System and coordinates it’s relation to the Corporate Accounting System. Ø Advises Management on desirable changes due to changing Fiscal Laws and provides advice on Importing and Exporting Customs Regulations. Ø Makes arrangements to set up the Accounting Audit for the Company. Ø Advises Management on Insurance Coverage to protect the Company from potential losses and liabilities. Ø Formulates, Negotiates and Manages the Organization’s Objectives and Budgets, as well as the Strategies and Action Plans to Achieve those Objectives. Ø Validates and Authorizes Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). Ø Responsible for Selecting, Training, Motivating and Developing his/her Staff as well as acting as a Facilitator. Responsible for Managing Subordinate’s Performance. Also Responsible for promoting and maintaining Interdepartmental harmony.

Experiencia y requisitos

Ø Accounting Bachelor’s degree is required. CPA license is highly preferred. Ø English 90%. Ø The position requires Integrity, Intelligence, Experience and Dedication Ø Minimum of 7 years requirement in managerial role. Ø Experience in general accounting and tax obligations. Ø Experience in financial aspects and in establishing objectives and policies for the organization. Ø Experience in preparing reports of the financial position of the company in the areas of income, costs, expenses and profits based on budgets and financial forecasts. Ø Experience in preparing, coordinating and authorizing reports for various Government agencies (Municipal, State and Federal). Ø Experience in the Mexican Accounting system, as well as coordinating its relationship with the Corporate accounting system. Ø Experience in advising the administration on desirable adjustments due to changes in tax laws Experience in preparation and attention to accounting audits of the company. Ø Experience in administration of insurance coverage required to protect against losses and potential liabilities. Ø Experience in preparing, negotiating and managing the objectives and budgets of his Department, as well as the Strategies and Action Plans to meet those objectives. Ø Experience in procedures with government agencies. Ø Experience in VAT returns and IMMEX certification. Ø Excellent verbal and written communication. Ø Knowledge of Microsoft Office. Ø Experience in supervising staff and teamwork. Ø Management of computer packages applicable to your work. Ø Work based on objectives and goal achievement. Ø Valid laser visa. Ø High degree of responsibility.

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