Autoliv Safety Technology de México, S.A. de C.V.

IT security specialist (Machine Build)

Autoliv Safety Technology de México, S.A. de C.V.

Feb. 22

Tijuana, Baja California


Maquiladora (Export.)

Actividad principal

Ensambladora de cinturones de seguridad para automoviles.

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Aguila Coronada 2000

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Parque Industrial Bajamaq El Aguila


Tijuana, Baja California

Descripción y detalle de las actividades

In this role you will be part of the cyber security architecture team to help shape the way we address IT security risk challenges. You will be challenged through the need to understand narrow but deep technical questions while always maintaining a global strategic view. To succeed in this role you will not only need to have a broad knowledge across many domains within IT, but just as important is the skill to make IT security and related risks comprehensible for both IT engineers and business leaders. With an initial focus on strengthening our project support capability, you will collaborate with project teams across the globe to help them understand security risks and implement the right level of security. What the risks and right level of security are will be up to you to support the business leaders in understanding. If you want to learn how security actually matters for the business, this is the role to apply for.

Experiencia y requisitos

Your mindset is perhaps your most important qualification! We expect that you have: A passion for security and technology. If you are not intrigued by security breaches, technology innovations, and investigate how something works, we don’t think you will thrive in this role. An understanding how people, process, and technology supports the business. We are always looking for the right level of security, and that can mean anything from state-of-the-art technology to adjusting a manual process or take an informed decision to accept the risk. A strong communicator. You will work with colleagues from all parts and all levels of Autoliv, and you will need to adjust your communication to suite the target audience. A willingness to learn, challenge and drive change. We are proud of what we have done, but we are not satisfied with where we are . You will help us constantly challenge our security technology, how we operate, and how we support the organization to address our security challenges. Maintaining status que is not what we aim for. At least 6 years of experience of various IT domains. Formal education counts but work experience is better. Certifications such as CISSP, CCSP, AWS certified solutions architect, Azure solutions architect, or OSCP. Hands on experience of leading threat modelling, risk assessment, and software security assessments.

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