Empresa confidencial

Production Manager

Ene. 21

Tijuana, Baja California

Oferta de empleo confidencial

Ofrecemos a las empresas la opción de publicar sus ofertas de empleo de manera confidencial, esto es por razones propias de la empresa y en algunos puestos desean mantener la información de forma privada. A continuación se especifican algunas de las razones por las que las empresas deciden publicar sus oportunidades de empleo como confidenciales:

  1. La empresa desea mantener su publicación privada, para sustitución de sus empleados actuales.
  2. Es la búsqueda de personal para nuevas plazas de empleo dentro de las organizaciones que actualmente están por autorizar.
  3. Son empresas de nueva creación que requieren ciertos puestos sin la obligación de dar la información particular de su empresa en ese momento.

Descripción y detalle de las actividades

The Production Manager is responsible managing the production facility such that quality sample products are produced on time. There are many aspects to this roll and it is necessary that this individual execute all aspects of this assignment to efficiently produce the final products. • Scheduling – Understand and manage the manufacturing to meet the production schedule across all products to ensure on time delivery. Review timelines and provide accurate feedback and approvals as required • Quality – Develop and manage efficient production processes that produce quality products. • Evaluate and develop manufacturing processes as required to complete specific production steps. Introduce production solutions or new production ideas. • Provide clear direction and guidance to production supervisors and workers. Develop supervisor skills and sampling knowledge. • Document key processes and procedures for operators and supervisors and monitor adherence. • Spend time on the production floor spot checking key processes and ensuring equipment is operating correctly. • Work closely with other facility managers (Quality, Logistics, Engineering, etc.) in a positive and effective manner to ensure good communication and efficient material and information handoffs. • Maintain an organized and well managed facility. • Ensure workers have all the right tools and master production standards. • Monitor production processes to ensure safety and efficiency. • Notify management early of key production issues that will impact safety, delivery or quality. Identify solutions where applicable. • Attend and actively participate in key meetings such as production meetings, kickoff meetings, Engineering meetings, etc. • Oversee first article production to ensure quality. • Identify key production metrics and track performance accordingly. • Provide periodic verbal and/or written production status reporting for weekly meetings, monthly reports, etc. as required.

Experiencia y requisitos

This position is responsible to ensure that the working methods on the different shifts or teams are in compliance with the discipline, the health and safety standards, the order and cleanness, and also with the quality of the final goods. Proven capabilities/competencies in production management. College diploma in a related field: production, administration, or operations management. Minimum three-year experience in personnel management in a production environment. Spanish and English (spoken and written) IT skills (MS Office, ERP/Beesoft management software)

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Mon-Thu 7am to 6pm / Fri 8am to 3pm


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