Fabtex de Baja, S. de R.L. de C.V.
Fabtex Inc.
Maquiladora (Export.)
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Confección de cortinas, blancos y similares
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Esmeralda López
Correo electrónico
(664) 449-7631 Ext. 405
11 Norte No. 1106
Colonia ó fracc.
Ciudad Industrial
Tijuana, Baja California
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Company since serving its first customer in 1986, has become one of the largest fabricators of American made bed coverings and window treatments for the hospitality, cruise, healthcare and government industries. The company is successful because it analyzes, researches and identifies with its customers to deliver quality products that surpass client expectations. Fabtex established manufacturing operations in North Carolina, Pennsylvania and California to best serve its customers. The largest orders can be produced in optimum time by bringing one or more identical factories on line with a flex pool of fabricators and installers, all trained to avoid disruption for guests.

Fabtex produces most of its proprietary decorative fabrics at North America locations based near its bedding and drapery fabrication centers. This proximity results in energy, shipping and delivery savings, along with good label practices. Revolutionary Widths: Fabtex maunfactures the widest bolts - 118 inches - eliminating seams on custom bedspreads and window treatments. Designers have much more flexibility and cleaner design results. There is little opportunity for waste. Any extra material can be used for tie-backs, pillows or other warm touches.The Fabtex Focus: The Fabtex family concentrates on four areas of design industry expertise by leading the way in Hospitality, Healthcare and Contract fabric design, fabrication and installation. Green, the forth area, is a common ethos.

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