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General Dynamics / Gulfstream
Maquiladora (Export.)
Actividad principal
Ensamble de piezas de aluminio y arneses eléctricos para la industria aeroespacial.
Fecha Ciudad Puesto
21 Ene Mexicali Técnico de Pruebas Eléctricas
21 Ene Mexicali Maquinista Cnc
21 Ene Mexicali Monitorista ( Seguridad Laboral )
21 Ene Mexicali Pintor
18 Ene Mexicali Operations Leader (machining)
18 Ene Mexicali Tech support lead - BTW
17 Ene Mexicali Practicante de Materiales
17 Ene Mexicali Practicante Seguridad E Higiene
17 Ene Mexicali Practicante de Operaciones
16 Ene Mexicali Java developer (exalead) B T W
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Recursos Humanos
Correo electrónico
(686) 562-8600
Lazaro Cardenas No. 2385
Colonia ó fracc.
Plutarco Elias Calles
Mexicali, Baja California
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Gulfstream Mexicali, is located in Mexicali, Baja California, México. The 335,000-square-foot manufacturing facility is a part of Savannah, GA – based Gulfstream Aerospace. Respect for people, continuous improvement, and exceeding customer expectations are key parts of our vision.

Capabilities: Main Supplier for Savannah • Electrical harnesses, sheet metal details, assemblies, floor boards, and machined parts for models G450, G550, G650.
Final Phase Support: • Providing parts floor boards and premium harnesses for models G150, G200.

Service Center Support:• Supplier of spare parts (Electrical harnesses, S/M Sub assembly & test boxes).

PRODUCTION AREA: At our Gulfstream Mexicali [plant] we manufacture electrical harnesses, assemblies and parts for models G150, G200, G450, G550, and G650. Our four strategic business units are Avionics, Assemblies, Fabrication and Machining. Each of our production processes is certified, which guarantees the highest quality standards backed by our highly qualified and certified personnel because we know that the products produced at Gulfstream are made to fly high.

The quality in the manufacturing and assembly of all of our products produced in the company play a fundamental role. Nonetheless, the safety of our personnel is a priority and we are committed to offer everything that is needed to protect our people.

More than 95% of the electric harnesses indispensable to the operational systems in the most recent models are produced in the area of avionics. Furthermore, other harnesses that are part of the selected options determined by the customer are produced there.

ASSEMBLY: The area of assembly is divided into five departments. Major assemblies, Closed Tolerance, table (work station) assembly, APU, Drivematic and group technologies. More than 2,200 part numbers that require different kinds of jigs are assembled in this area.

FABRICATION: In this area 18,000 different part numbers are fabricated, reaching a monthly production of 130,000 parts of which half are consumed (used) in our plant in the Assembly and Avionics area. The other 50% are sent to Savannah Georgia where the final assembly is carried out.

MACHINING: Since its introduction to Gulfstream in 2006, the machining area, known as the “North Plant” includes (comes equipped) with the latest technology of CNC instruments. This area is divided into three essential processes: CNC machining, the extrusion area, and the area for the special processes of paint, heat treatment, and hardware installation.

Initiatives that define Gulfstream Mexicali Culture:
QUALITY: To reach the highest standards in the manufacture of our parts, and of course, our air craft, we rely on methods and initiatives that seek to improve the quality of each of our processes. At Gulfstream, we have a culture of Zero Defects, which promotes (one) to always think of the phrase “Don’t take it, don’t make it, don’t pass it on.”
”Don’t take it means carrying out a detailed inspection of the materials and tools [you will use] before starting a job to assure that they are in good condition. “Don’t make it”, means finding the way to the job without generating defects, and “Don’t pass it on” implies the inspection of the work carried out before passing it to the next operation.

Mejórale (Improve it!) is a program that seeks continuous improvement in all aspects where the employees participate in an active and direct manner in echo for the actions the company practices, in that way having the opportunity to be a part of the changes that are generated day to day in the organization.

This system allows each employee to contribute his ideas for improvement and to implement them on his own, challenging them to improve the results they obtain in a daily fashion with established methods. The idea is registered once put into practice. Each idea, though it may be simple, has value.
Mejórale has as its philosophy the liberation of the personnel’s creative power and the necessity of seeing the impact of his ideas reflected in betterment that are projected in the business.

“Flight to Excellence” is a program of healthy competition that helps the company in the creation of an environment where all employees can develop their maximum potential with the philosophy of “learning in a fun way”, promoting excellence in world class manufacturing.

The teams are integrated by production, administrative, and support personnel. The program functions through evaluated competition through standards that include diverse aspects of production and administration of resources supported by weekly, trimester, and annual activities.
ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001, Shingo Prize, Great Place to Work 2012, 2013 & 2014

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