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Actividad principal
Administración de maquiladoras.

Ingeniero Programador Nx 2

Descripción y detalle de las actividades

GKN aerospace is a global engineering business. Every time you travel by air almost anywhere in the world it is likely than GKN is helping you on your way. We design, manufacture and service systems and components for original equipment around the world.

* Virtual assemblage of model-stock-machine.
* Performing CNC programs using NX.
* Use the revision methods proposed by the corporate.
* Makes work plans for product transfers.
• Strict monitoring of the actions that have to be performed by the clients.
* Optimization of CAM programs (computer assisted manufacturing)
* Decision making for problem solving and execution
* Pursues the personal development of the skills and knowledge necessary for effective performance in your work.
* Performs other activities and responsibilities as assigned.

Experiencia y requisitos

* Aerospace, mechanical, mechatronic, industrial engineer.
* Knowledge of NX CAD-CAM software (not essential)
* Experience in modeling and CAD assembly (indispensable)
* CAM programming and post-processing of programs
* Knowledge of kinematics of CNC machines (3,4,5-axis milling cutter, vertical / horizontal lathe)
* Knowledge Code G
* Knowledge in probing methods (generation of references for machining)
* Minimum experience of 4 years programming CNC
* Interpretation of plans and GD & T
* Handling of measuring instruments
* Management of problem solving methodologies (DMAIC, 5 why's, etc)
* Fluent in English (written and spoken)
* Passport/Visa to travel (USA)

PLEASE SEND YOUR RESUME TO: contrataciones1@ivemsa.com

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