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Joshua Fierro
Av. Salvador Nava Mtz 6th floor No. 3125
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Colinas del Parque, Plaza Citadella
San Luis Potosí , San Luis Potosí
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For more than 40 years, honeywell technology has helped with the exploration and creation of opportunities in space. our products have been integral to neil armstrong's first step on the moon, and to every manned mission to space since.

Today, the space shuttle is equipped with honeywell's multifunction electronic display subsystem, and we're reaching into the future of space technology, with our work for the anticipated shuttle successor, the orbital space plane, the international space station, and our contributions toward creating a permanent orbiting scientific laboratory and powered flight begins its second century, honeywell aerospace continues to make history with leading technology, reliable products and systems, superior service, and dedicated employees.

The contributions of honeywell, its legacy companies, and five generations of employees, have advanced the science of aviation to make flying the world's safest form of transportation, while helping to protect our nation and explore the universe. we look forward to continuing our long tradition of developing and delivering innovative aviation systems that meet the current, and anticipate the future, needs of the customer.

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