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Safran Group México
Actividad principal
Empresa líder mundial proveedor tier-1 e sistemas y equipos para la industria aeroespacial y de defensa.
Fecha Ciudad Puesto
21 Ene Colón Operador de Produccion (planta Safran-albany)
18 Ene Colón Ingeniero de procesos, especialista en maquinados
18 Ene Colón Contador
18 Ene Colón Operadores de CNC
18 Ene Colón Operadores de ensamble
07 Ene Colón Operador de Producción (planta Saem)
04 Ene Colón Operador de Producción
04 Ene Colón Operador Cnc (saesa)
02 Ene Colón Operadores de tratamientos térmicos (planta snecma)
02 Ene Colón Operadores de procesos especiales (planta snecma)
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Carretera Estatal 200 Qro-Tequisquiapan Km. No. 22
Colonia ó fracc.
Parque Aeroespacial
Colón , Querétaro
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A world-renowned industrial concern, Safran supplies engines and equipment to all main producers of civil and military airplanes and helicopters. Our wide range of engines and systems is anchored in proven technological skills and expertise, and the use of innovative materials.

Safran's propulsion systems meet all the requirements of airplane and helicopter manufacturers: performance, reliability, cost-effectiveness and environmental-friendliness. To meet these demanding standards, Safran takes charge of all aspects of its engines and equipment, from research, design, development and testing, to production, sales and support.

In addition to our well-known engines, Safran makes a wide range of aircraft systems and equipment, including nacelles and thrust reversers, landing systems, wheels and brakes, wiring, power transmissions and more. Safran is a leading supplier of navigation and other avionics systems, which enhance flight management and safety.

Safran has always focused on continuous improvement and industrial performance to ensure the quality and reliability of its engines and equipment. Our approach is based on comprehensive engineering solutions, plus a dedicated in-house consulting firm. Safran Consulting offers expert services to Safran and its customers, worldwide.

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