Infolink Aplicaciones, S.A. de C.V.
Actividad principal
Customer support, customer success, it support, software development, big data
Fecha Ciudad Puesto
21 Ago Ciudad Juárez Software Engineer - QA-tester And / Or Developer Urgent
21 Ago Ciudad Juárez Electrical Engineer/Mechatronics
21 Ago Ciudad Juárez Customer Support Agent- Urgent
21 Ago Ciudad Juárez Support agent in German, French, Italian Or Portuguese Language, Urgent
24 Jul Ciudad Juárez Portuguese - Customer Support Agent Portuguese / English - Urgent
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Itzel Lara
Correo electrónico
(656) 566-0838 Ext. 4017
Ejercito Nacional No. 7695
Colonia ó fracc.
El Marquez.
Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua
Sitio web corp.
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We are a Customer Experience Services Company, Based in the Silicon Valley, and with many years of experience in customer care in support of technology products, we understand that high-value business model, more than any other, depends on two very important drivers: rapid customer acquisition and keeping customers loyal.

The key to customer loyalty is exceptional customer experience, As a Customer Experience Services Company we’ve developed a specific partnering methodology, delivery infrastructure, customer support and services and talent management process to help your company deliver that exceptional customer experience throughout your user’s lifecycle: sign-up, adoption/first-use, ongoing use and upgrade.

Our experience has shown that the key to success is the ability to scale while keeping the same quality of customer service and support that made your customers love you in the first place.

Superior support services, plus a closed-loop of Customer Experience feedback, so your organization knows what customers are enjoying, demanding, complaining about or having trouble with, allows you to quickly implement changes to either product, process or policy. This delights your customers so they can become and/or stay promoters instead of detractors.

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