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Since our company was founded in 1974, Foxconn’s vision has always been to provide technological products and solutions that bring convenience to people’s everyday lives.

As a leader in all areas of information processing, Foxconn’s current technology development framework covers the entire spectrum of “11 screens, 3 networks and 2 clouds”. By this we mean that the end-products and devices Foxconn provides cover a wide range of 11 screens, ranked from screens that are held at the nearest to end-users to screens displayed at the furthest, including wearable, smartphone, tablet, notebook, desktop computing, portable TV, digital whiteboard, digital signage, electric vehicle, and robot. The network products and solutions we offer are widely applied in the three realms of Internet, Internet of Things and Smart Grid. We also enable our customers to tap opportunities that extend beyond cloud computing to the edges of the network in what is now called “fog computing”. Collectively, the “11 screens, 3 networks and 2 clouds” represent the comprehensive portfolio of system solutions that Foxconn offers.

Information processing technology continues to be a cornerstone in Foxconn’s sustainable business strategy. In addition, to deliver on our strategic business blueprint, Foxconn is seizing the immense opportunities presented in the new era to ensure that our company remains at the core of the ICT ecosystem, driving synergy and opportunities across the industry value-chain, from hardware to services and other technology solutions. Our business roadmap will guide Foxconn’s horizontal expansion and integration of key growth sectors, which will see our company augmenting our existing IIDM-SM (integration-innovation-design-manufacturing and sales-marketing) base. We are also expanding into content creation, cloud data management services – such as software, platform and infrastructure as-a-service – and wireless 4G-LTE and broadband network transmission services.

Foxconn will continue to invest in the research and development of new products, technologies and applications. Our company has charted a long-term research direction in key growth areas across the information technology sector, including such areas as telecommunications, consumer electronics, robotics and automation, optoelectronics and precision machinery, among others. We have established agile, broad-based production capabilities from components, modules, and product assembly to integrated services. With 5G technology becoming a reality in the near future, the potential for greater innovation and the development of business opportunities are limitless.

True to our vision of enhancing people’s lives, Foxconn will endeavor to provide solutions, products and services, and drive strong synergy within the ICT ecosystem. That will support our goal of helping people leverage technology throughout all aspects of their lives. We will continue to combine our expertise in hardware and software, mapping these against gaps and opportunities across the technology value-chain, to build a holistic, 360 degree framework for how we serve our customers and consumers.

At Foxconn, we refer to this as “connecting the dots” for our customers, partners and consumers.

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