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Mam de la Frontera, S.A. de C.V.
Tacna Services, Inc.
Maquiladora (Export.)
Actividad principal
Maquila, shelter
Fecha Ciudad Puesto
19 Sep Tecate Tecnico En Electronica
19 Sep Tecate Ingeniero de Prueba Electrica
19 Sep Tijuana Ingeniero de Prueba Electrica
19 Sep Tecate Ingeniero de Calidad Smt
19 Sep Tijuana Ingeniero de Producto Smt (tecate)
19 Sep Tijuana Tecnico En Electronica (tecate)
19 Sep Tecate Practicante Ingeniero Industrial (tecate)
19 Sep Tijuana Smt Quality And Engineering Coord. (tecate)
19 Sep Tecate Smt Quality And Engineering Coord. (tecate)
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Recursos Humanos
Correo electrónico
(664) 174-7591
Parq. Ind. El Bajio No.
Colonia ó fracc.
Parq. Ind. El Bajio
Tecate, Baja California
Sitio web local


Tacna was formed in 1984 to support manufacturing companies who are seeking to improve their worldwide competitive position and looking to lower their manufacturing costs by setting up an offshore operation in México.

To help companies start and continue their operations in México, Tacna services literally shelter you from the many time consuming obstacles, risks and delays usually encountered when establishing and operating a foreign subsidiary.

Our experienced administrative staff functions as the administrative arm of your mexican subsidiary, bridging the cultural gap known as "the border". In addition to our shelter services, Tacna also provides a sub-contract operation. Get immediate cost reductions while maintaining your quality standards. The easiest way to "test the waters" in México's manufacturing arena is through Tacna's sub-contract program.

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