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Founded in 2003, ACCU Group is a service company focusing on all aspects of quality management and manufacturing supply chain improvement. We have approximately 1000 professional consultants and engineers who provide local services in almost 30 countries around the world.

As a company at the forefront of professional and technical capabilities, ACCU’s business spans a number of significant industries in which quality and safety are of paramount importance, including aerospace, automotive, and electronics, with many of the relationships forged under long-term contracts.

ACCU has been continuously strengthening and expanding its business scope so that it can offer integrated services, ranging from management of systems to assurance of products. This includes quality consulting, helping customers formulate quality strategy and build quality systems; quality engineering, helping customers manage processes, as well as solving real-world quality problems in operation and quality assurance, in which ACCU is directly deployed to contain issues for product quality control.

With the Industry 4.0 era beginning, ACCU fully embraces technology to reinvent itself as an innovative leader. ACCU digitizes its quality service operations and provides a digital platform for quality management to its customers. We are also emerging with the unique ability of obtaining quality big data from our operations. Undoubtedly, ACCU is heralding the onset of AI in quality by learning to extract quality intelligence from big data, which is why ACCU is effectively driving the advancement of new trends in the new economy. This includes new energy and intelligent vehicles in the automotive sector.

ACCU has been on a mission to build a world-leading quality and technical service platform. Overall, ACCU is continuously working to become a total quality solutions provider for the Industry 4.0 era with its integrated services and digitalized quality management systems.

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