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www.empleonuevo.com ofrece a sus Clientes-Empresas la opción de publicar sus ofertas de empleo de manera confidencial, esto es por razones propias de la empresa y en algunos puestos desean mantener la información de forma privada. A continuación se especifican algunas de las razones por las que las empresas deciden publicar sus oportunidades de empleo como confidenciales:

  1. La empresa desea mantener su publicación privada, para sustitución de sus empleados actuales.
  2. Es la búsqueda de personal para nuevas plazas de empleo dentro de las organizaciones que actualmente están por autorizar.
  3. Son empresas de nueva creación que requieren ciertos puestos sin la obligación de dar la información particular de su empresa en ese momento.

Plant Manager / Gerente de Planta

Descripción y detalle de las actividades

The Plant Manager will oversee all daily operations of the plant from production and manufacturing to ensuring policies and procedures are followed. They develop processes that will maximize stewardship, safety, quality and productivity.

Plan, organize, direct and run optimum day-to-day operations to exceed our customers’ expectations
Increase production, assets capacity and flexibility while minimizing unnecessary costs and maintaining current quality standards
Be responsible for production output, product quality and on-time shipping
Allocate resources effectively and fully utilize assets to produce optimal results
Implement strategies in alignment with strategic initiatives and provide a clear sense of direction and focus
Monitor operations and trigger corrective actions
Share a trusting relationship with workgroup and recruit, manage and develop plant staff
Collect and analyze data to find places of waste or overtime
Commit to plant safety procedures
Develop systems and processes that track and optimize productivity and standards, metrics and performance targets to ensure effective return on assets
Address employees’ issues or grievances and administer collective bargaining agreements
Influence and learn from below
Stay up to date with latest production management best practices and concepts

Experiencia y requisitos

Proven work experience as a plant manager (+1000 employees)
Proven managerial experience
Proven experience in Manufacturing plants (+10 years)
Adequate knowledge of business and management principles (budgeting, strategic planning, resource allocation and human resources)
Familiarity with industry standard equipment and technical expertise
Be knowledgeable of safety, quality, productivity, demand creation, inventory and stewardship processes
Computer literacy
Ability to create accountability and to lead by example
Strong team building, decision-making and people management skills
BS degree in Business Management or related field
Bilingual (English essential)

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